Tuesday, 3 January 2012

God will provide

St Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio)
Veteran hagiologist ("specialist in human goodness") Patricia Treece, author of numerous books on the lives of the saints and the strange phenomena associated with sanctity, has produced a new book in response to the present world economic crisis that will both comfort and amaze. God Will Provide is subtitled (rather sensationally) "How God's Bounty Opened to Saints – and 9 Ways It Can Open for You, Too". It is full of well-researched examples of how God met the physical and financial needs of people who relied on him to do so, from Mother Teresa and Padre Pio to much more obscure people. And it encourages the reader to do likewise, proposing nine ways in which you and I can align ourselves with God's providence, overcoming our fear and anxiety about the economic situation: 1) surrender everything as much as you can, 2) make serious efforts to grow your faith, 3) avoid faith-killers like the plague, 4) cultivate gratitude, 5) retool your mind, 6) cultivate belief in divine providence, 7) do your part to meet your material needs, 8) don't block the flow of God's supply, and 9) pass on the wonderful news of God's providence. All of these are illustrated by vivid examples. The book is recommended by Robert Faricy SJ.

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