Monday, 22 July 2013

Interfaith colloquium

The first-ever "Second Spring Interfaith Colloquium" was held at Blackfriars Hall in Oxford on 20 July 2013, under the auspices of Second Spring Oxford, the Catholic consultancy directed by Leonie and Stratford Caldecott. This meeting is the first of several now being planned in which Christian and Islamic thinkers will discuss notions of society, the secular, and the human vocation. Entitled “From Darkness to Light: God’s Call to the Creature in Christianity and Islam”, the event explored aspects of the Christian and Islamic understanding of creaturehood and implications for the way we think about personal identity, human potential, happiness, eternal life, and work. For both Christianity and Islam, a “vocational” society is one that facilitates a response to the universal spiritual call through participation in social life. The speakers were Dr Carol and Philip Zaleski (Smith College), Stratford Caldecott (St Benet’s Hall), and Dr Karim Lahham (Tabah Foundation). Future events will be announced on

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